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“Mama Received Her Wings,” a book launch. {Tacoma Portrait Photographer, Tacoma, WA}


Last weekend was pretty special as we watch two of our friends JUMP head first into following their dreams.  We are so inspired by that “jumping-head-first-into-the-unknown” spirit of living life, because MUCH of the decisions that have suited us best have been THOSE types of “gut-wrenching-stirring-cant sleep-at-night-type of itches.”  The reward for going after your dreams, your passions… oh the reward, there is nothing like it.
I remember when Autumn sent out the email to a few of her closest friends sharing this GREAT VISION that God had given her to write a children’s book.  She was completely vulnerable and open to cast her desire before her friends and hope that they would understand and get it, a few months after that initial email, I remember getting the first draft of this amazing story about a young girl and a dynamic relationship with her mom AND THEN one day, there was this book with illustrations and just short of one year later – we have a book launch.

That mustard seed faith is JUST the kind of hope that makes life worth living- the going after that thing that you can’t stop thinking about it, with no real plan or no real idea of whether it will work and then the sweet reward of the moment when you realize it did!  IT WORKED!  It wasn’t crazy and I wasn’t insane to take this big step, and THIS is the result.  Last weekend was Autumn’s result and Ike and I were thrilled to be the one to chronicle the moment at the Children’s Museum in Downtown Tacoma.

Below a collection of pictures from a spectacular event.

I am so excited to one day read this story to Wisdom and to tell her that she knows the author and I look forward to many, many more books from Autumn.

You can grab your very own copy of “Mama Received Her Wings,” here.  You can follow Autumn’s journey here.

Looking forward to watching you go and grow Autumn Joy!  So proud of you!