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Tiffany & Brenden, Married: Martha Mary Chapel, Boston, MA {Boston Wedding Photographer, Boston, MA}


There is literally nothing cooler on earth then getting to photograph a friend.  A friend who is a friend…  a friend who is a photographer (Tiffany Von Photography)  and a friend that you do ministry with.  Tiffany is a passionate worshiper who LOVES the Lord.  The weekend of Tiffany’s wedding we had two weddings booked, which meant we had to split up.  Isaiah covered a wedding locally in Seattle and I got on the plane with my sister and headed to Boston.
Tiffany and I met doing ministry for the DreamGirlz Gathering, a non profit organization that focuses on empowering young girls through leadership development activities.  I immediately fell in LOVE with Tiffany’s heart.  I have never met a person more humble, more kind and more in love with Jesus.  Tiffany dies to herself every day and serves, serves, serves the Lord and honors Him in everything she does – whether with a guitar, with a camera or with her actions!

When she called and asked us to be her wedding photographer, I burst inside. I knew this would be a emotional and spiritual event full of meaning and full of purpose.  Its special to be a part of anyone’s wedding day, but to photograph your friend, there’s nothing like it.  Tiffany found her perfect match in Brenden.  He cherishes her. So kind and so sweet – he is so gentle and their love ooooooozed all day long.

Tiffany and her AMAZING husband Brenden were married at Martha Mary Chapel in Wayside.  This particular chapel is special to the history of Tiffany’s family as both her parents and her aunt were married there.  The day was perfect, EXCEPT the rain, but it definitely did not stop this show!

I will always remember this special day and what it meant to be the one to capture it!  Tiffany is so special to me!  SO thankful for this opportunity….. oh and how about that Vera Wang dress?! Gah!


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