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Michelle & Yvenson, Married 2013. Oregon State University, Corvallis, OR {Tacoma Wedding Photographer, Destination Wedding Photographer}


Michelle has been my friend since BEFORE I could really shoot.  We met at a fashion show, she a student at the Art Institute, a budding and talented designer and I a very very fresh, young and enthusiastic photographer. I might have overcompensated and told Michelle I was more important then I was so that I could borrow her dresses for my first EVER stylized shoot.  She agreed, and voila! a friendship was born.  Michelle and I have shared many candid talks, good cries and fun ideas over the years.  She has been such a support and a fan and I believe in every single things she does.  The day she got engaged, I flipped out. It was something we had been praying and believing for since we first became friends.  When she suggested we shoot the wedding and she would have it NO OTHER way, I was overwhelmed.
Michelle and Yve’s wedding was one of my favorite of the year!  We love these two so much, it was like watching family come together!  Michelle’s wedding was a direct expression of WHO she is and her giftedness – I mean, look at that vintage dress?  It was full of tears and laughter and the details were amazing!  No moment was underthought.  So excited that Michelle & Yve’s wedding will be featured in TWO major publications soon and I am geeked to share!

We love you both so much and we are so thankful you are a part of our lives!  Looking forward to following your newest journey!

Michelle & Yvenson’s day in video:

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