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Andrea & Korbett | August 24 2013 | Tacoma, WA {Tacoma Wedding Photographer, Tacoma, WA}



There is almost nothing more rewarding then photographing a friend and that honor doubles when it’s their wedding day. I met Andrea freshmen year of high school – we spent those four years experiencing so much, crushes, school dances, cheerleading, ASB, crazy teachers, not so crazy teachers.  Our friendship survived four years of college, two years of grad school and when I quit at my Master’s she kept going…  and so did we.  We have survived graduations, and broken friendships, babies born and now this.  It was a joy to not only be with my friend but to shoot her special day.
Andrea and I are on our 18th year of friendship and she’s even more special to me then the day we met all those years ago!

Korbett is Andrea’s perfect match.  He’s sweet and driven in his own right (we worked together a few years in the non profit sector before I left to pursue photography).  I love the way God brings things around full circle.

I look forward to watching this beautiful union grow and being a part to witness it!  God is so good and faithful!

Congrats my beautiful friends!

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