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The Towers {Tacoma Family Portrait Photographer} Tacoma, WA


I have known E’lana since I was three years old.
We have been friends longer than we haven’t.  I am willing to wager that she might be my oldest friend.  Thirty years.

Of course, like many, we don’t remember being friends at age 3 and 4 (she’s older) but we have pictures playing at my cousins birthday party to prove it.

Her parents have watched us grow up.

In 8th grade, we “re-met” at church camp.  Then our friendship was short lived as her parents relocated her entire family to Vancouver, WA.  When you are 13 and 14 years old, a 2hr drive might as well be Africa.

As we were both choosing our colleges, we found ourselves attending and cheering for the same school, and that started the beginning of a real friendship that I have had the honor of enjoying for the last 15 years.

E’lana has been a true friend.  Kind, thoughtful.  More of a sister than anything.  We have seen each other through the hardest parts of life and I can always count on her to be there, even if time and distance have kept us apart.

I cherish who she is, her heart for others, her family and I am thankful that after all of these years, God has continued to sew our stories together in such a way.

I love capturing her growing family.   They are so photogenic? Right?  That littlest Tower, is baby Q who was born almost one year ago!  SO fun spending a few moments creating these gorgeous memories for them!

Love you so much Towers Family!

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