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On Location & Behind The Scenes with The Girls With Glasses {Tacoma Portrait Photographer, Tacoma, WA}


This summer, we got an email from Brooke White and Summer Bellessa asking if we might be interested in joining them on set and shooting some BTS on some special projects they were doing locally.
Immediately, I got excited and looked at Ike and said “We have to do this.”

I knew who these girls were… I had seem them a year early in their “I’m Not Fancy,” video parody.  If you recollect, you may have found that you have seen it too.  It floated around Facebook and went viral in days. You can check it out here.

Brooke and Summer are not only naturally beautiful, they are kind, and talented and make being a mother feel really cool!

Spending those two days on location, not only made me feel incredibly prideful in the job I get to do as Wisdom’s mother, it made me damn proud to be a mompreneur.  These girls are amazing and making huge moves.  You can check out the BTS below and the videos at the end of the pictures!


You can check out the fun “Super Kiddos” video featuring Del Monte here

We also got to do some BTS for a fun video featuring Muller Yogurt.

Personally, I love the yogurt and buy it for Wisdom, so I was slightly excited and invested in this little video AND I LOVE their costumes.


You can check out the “Satisfy Me” (Yogurt with Benefits) video here

You can check out more of the different videos and projects that the “Girls with Glasses” do by visiting their site at The Girls With Glasses