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The Adore’s: What three little girls taught me about sisterhood {Tacoma Family Portrait Photographer, Tacoma, WA}


The title of this post is called “The Adore’s,” affectionately titled after the middle name that all three of these girls carry.
Adore: love dearly, love, be devoted to, dote on, hold dear, cherish, treasure, prize, think the world of

These three girls.  These three girls who I love so much and who I absolutely cherish and adore.

Lyric, Honour and my Wisdom.

Wisdom turned three this summer.  All she ever wants is to be with Lyric and Honour.   Lyric and Honour are my nieces.  They came to visit, and we couldn’t resist an impromptu photo shoot.

Lyric is turning 8 in January and Honour just celebrated her second birthday.  The bond they have.  It’s almost like it was destined.

Lyric was born first, her mother, my sister Melinda, gave her the middle name “Sa’rah Adore.”

When I became pregnant with Wisdom, as her godmother, I knew Melinda had to give Wisdom her middle names – and when she chose to include “Adore,” it was so special to me.  I know the power of a name, and to have her be a namesake meant so much.  So “Melan-Adore” is what we got.  Melan, after Melinda and “Adore” after Lyric.

When Melinda became pregnant with Honour, it only made sense to keep it going, and so we get: Honour- Smile Adore.

These three little girls.  These three precious girls, who haven’t been on this earth yet eight years have taught me so much about love.  Loving fiercely.  About commitment.  About devotion.

They see each other seldom, but they remember each other always. So many mornings, I wake up to Wisdom asking for and pleading to see Honour and Lyric, wanting her hair like Lyric’s, her toys like Honour, wanting to share her food with two girls who are easily 800 miles and a 12 hour drive away.

It doesn’t matter how long its been, or what has happen, they are ALWAYS ALWAYS her first choice.  No matter what friends she’s around or what she is experiencing, she always wants Lyric and Honour to be a part of it.  And that devotion is not one sided.

There are letters sent with best laid plans of elaborate parties, and checklist, that include Wisdom as the number one guest.  There are voicemails left, VERY long voicemails, from California explaining what happened that day in school – all for Wisdom.

These girls teach me so much about relationship.  About friendship planted deep in your heart.  About moments, never missed and time that stands still.

Because even at their young age, there is something that has told them that they are better together than apart.  That they should look out for each other.  That they exist to stand together, instead of alone.

and these pictures, these pictures tell the story of their precious relationship.  They say what they may not be able to articulate just yet.  That they adore one another and that they are there for each other, no matter the circumstance or the distance.

Every year, Melinda and I take the girls on a “Mother-Daughter-Sister-Cousin” trip and it has become a tradition that I look forward to the most.

I pray that they ALWAYS have memories.  That they always delight in each other and that they ALWAYS choose to ADORE one another, the way I do my sister and best friend.

Cheers to girls who understand we need each other to make it.

I am so thankful.