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And Me Campaign.


“Esther saved her people.
Hannah made a vow.
Mary birth the King of Kings.
Ruth was a loyal friend.

But how often do you stop and consider where you fall in this great lineage of women who loved the LORD, were shown grace, and were redeemed by His love?”

– Kellee – Fight For Joy Campaign

Your name is written. Isaiah 49:16

He knew you before the womb. Psalm 22:10

He has plans for you. Jeremiah 29:11

He loves you. John 3:16

He created you for good works. Ephesian 2:10

He formed you in His image. Genesis 1:27

You are His child. 1 John 3: 1-2

This year I decided, that if I were to wear a t-shirt, they had to be t-shirts that were conscious to tell a story, send a message or stir a conversation. I want to represent brands that are helping other people, or that unconsciously serve as inspiration for others.

As I end my very first Daniel’s Fast – (I made it ya’ll) I felt it was appropriate to wear this shirt created by my friend Kellee over at Fight For Joy Events + Designs.

This last 21 days has been one of truth and revelation. I have sat quietly (and if you know me, quiet isn’t my thing) to hear from and to listen to God about who I am, what I am to do and how I am to move forward in life and the things He has called me to steward over. And as thankful as I am for all that I have received – I am most thankful to know that in that LONG list of women above, who loved the Lord and sought after Him, that there is a “and me.” I am included in the number. What a beautiful message, promise and guarantee.

If you want to support Kellee and grab your own shirt – head on over to:http://www.fightforjoywith.us/blog/

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