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10 Tips for Email Marketing Success w/ Teri Fode of Voice Your Brand


Are you using the amazing marketing tool that is completely and 100% controlled and owned by YOU? If not, I highly (emphasis on highly) suggest you add this to your “do it now for the success of my business” list because it’s the single most important thing you can add to your marketing success. Especially with the news that Instagram is now moving to an algorithm feed.

If you have an email list of your clients, you know the power of the inbox. There are many fabulous user-friendly email services out there: Mailchimp, Constant Contact, A Weber, Mad Mimi, and more.

Assuming you have your email service set up, here are 10 tips for elevating the success of your email campaign:

1. WHAT’S IN IT FOR ME? People’s inboxes are deluged with more than they care to deal with. Handing over their email address is the last thing they want to do…unless it’s something they are sincerely interested in. Your emails must offer something of value to your clients.  Make sure you’ve planned out your email campaign to include subjects that will interest them

2. PERMISSION: This may seem obvious, but make sure that you aren’t just adding people to your email list. Legally they must give permission via a signup form on your site or a permission to have you add them by hand (it’s always best to have them do it using the form on your site). And besides, this ensures that you are building a quality list of people that want to receive your information.

3. WELCOME EMAIL: The first email your list should receive from you should be a very inviting, welcoming note that includes 3 parts: 1) Welcome 2) Here’s what to expect — tell them how often you send out emails 3) a small tidbit of information that is valuable to them.

4. AUTO-RESPONDERS: This is a series of emails that can be set up in your email system that go out automatically when someone signs up. The first would be the Welcome Email above; thereafter, you can set up a pre-written letter that goes out 1 week later with a value point and then a 3rd letter that goes out a week after that with additional info. These auto-responders can be set up for a series of emails over a determined course of time with value-packed info going out to your list!

5. KEEP IT PERSONAL: Your list service allows you to select a default code that inserts your list names by first name. For Mailchimp, it’s *|FNAME|*. Of course, you need to set up your sign up forms to request first names.

6. FIRST LINE WITH A PUNCH: The first line in the inbox must be of interest and must be catchy. Of course, it also must tie into your subject matter. But keep in mind that you are competing with hundreds of other emails in the inbox of your client.

7. BRAND A SERIES: The #1 thing I teach in my workshop is to plan your email campaign 1 year out! This is a series, a campaign, a planned year of info to be sent to your client base. Of course, this does take an investment of time, but it’s very well worth it. TIP: You should have 2 types of email campaigns for 2 segmented lists: Your “VIP List” (current/past clients) and your “GENERAL” List (customers stopping by your site, interested in your services as a potential client).

8. BE QUICK AND BE DONE: This is a biggie. [Intro it. Say it. End it.] Because people are busy and they need to get to your point quickly in order to move on. But make it amazing so that they know when they see your name pop up on their mobile phone inbox email, they don’t want to pass you up. Because your quick. And your good.

9. GET PERSONAL: Believe it or not, one of the reasons people subscribe to your email list is they want to get to know you better! Be personal, share tidbits, be real, be you. Give a few “tips about me” that you might not share anywhere else online! This is your personal email list, after all.

10. EVERYONE LOVES A PRESENT: Give a freebie gift in your email once in a while—or more often. It can be an eBook of ideas to decorate, a pdf of makeup tips, etc. Point is, people love surprises with value.

Teri Fode is the owner of Teri Fode Photography with a specialty in fashion-inspired senior portraits and their families. She is also the creator of VoiceYourBrand.com, where she teaches the professional photographer how to voice his/her “it factor” to the world with style, through intentional and focused marketing strategies.