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Class of 2018 Street Team Winter Snow Day, Mt. Rainier National Park {Tacoma Senior Portrait Photographer, Tacoma, WA}

The Street Team


It’s so hard to believe that we are easily 6 months from another graduating class.  2017, was both long and so short.   It made the time we had with these guys fly and we are now just 5 short months from graduation season.

If you are familiar with our work, you know that Ike and I pick a new group of girls every year to represent our senior business and that we affectionately refer to this cohort of annual girls as our “street team.”  Every year we are blessed with absolutely talented, beautiful, kind, gracious, intelligent and passionate girls who we get to come alongside and mentor, but who also keep us young, growing and constantly embracing new ways of doing things.  

This group has been no different – as they walked through a tough 2017 year with us, they were always gracious and patient and excited to get together every opportunity we had to connect.

We traveled to the desert with these girls in summer of 2017 and stayed in a beautiful home in Palm Desert and then they joined us for our last BLINK Conference in Seattle, where they modeled for several photographers from all over the country – and as we close out there time, we STILL have so much we are excited to do with them as we get to know them and ramp our business back up to full time.

We recently packed up three cars and headed into the mountain for a day of bonding and snow and below are the pictures that don’t do nearly enough to capture all the fun we had!

I am always thankful for the girls we get to spend time with and get to know, as they invite us into their lives year after year.  This group is so special and I am cherishing our last months together before they head off to college!

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Happy February!