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Mark and E’lana Towers


What a joy it is to be able to take pictures for your closest friends and what a honor when they actually want to pay for them??! E’lana has always supported my dream. I remember when I got my first film SLR back in 2003 of the Minolta family, she was one of my first people models and allowed me to do senior pictures for her. Funny, those pictures still sit in her parents living room down in SW Washington–and everytime I see them I get embarrassed, but I love it because its a great reminder of the passion for photography that’s been in me for some time.

Mark and E’lana are our WEST COAST married couple BEST FRIENDS (yes we have to delinate, we try to keep couples on EVERY coast)if there could be such a thing. We have shared so many special memories and moments… choir tours, cheerleading, Delano Bay Christian Camp, our church of Christ families, clothes, service clubs, choir groups, traveling, the Mag-7, and even weddings. E’lana and Mark got married almost two weeks before us, so we did their wedding and then she did honeymoon, hopped off the plane to hop on another to share in on my special day with me.

Although an only child, God blessed me tremendously when I met E’lana (back in the summer of 1996) and her sweet sisters (Alisha, TaNitra & Brandy). I am almost confident he made me solo so that I could just melt right into their family. My kids will have the BEST aunties and uncles in the world and I look forward to the day fondly when our children get to meet and play together.