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Josh (David Banner) & Kristina


Anyone who knows me well KNOWS how much I absolutely adore my husband… but they also know that we’d be the best choice for MTV reality series because we would definitely give Nick and Jessica a run for their money.  Together we are hilarious, passionate, full of love, strong-willed and loud and all of those VERY strong emotions come out regardless of audience. It wasn’t until last weekend did I know a couple that even came close to us, until we met our match in Joshua and Kristina. 

Watching these two interact with one another was both so precious, beautiful and disgusting and it reminded me that this MUST be how people feel when they see with my love.  Josh and Kris are nearly one week from exchanging wedding vows and they are going to be the most incredible couple.  In the short time I spent with them, I knew that their friendship was strong and built on a even firmer foundation, which in turn has made their love that much stronger.  I could also tell that they understood commitment and eternity and they were willing to make those choices with eachother.

During the shoot, Isaiah peeked over at me and whisper “they remind me of us.”  It made me smile, because if Isaiah loves me even a fraction of what Josh loves Kristina, and if by looking at them it conjures up memories of us, I know I am doing okay. What a beautiful God-couple they will be for the Kingdom.  I look forward to seeing and hearing about their new lives together as one!