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The Oliver’s

**Let me preface this blog by saying that this was the shortest and absolutely coldest shoot I have done to date: It started snowing and my poor cousins started freezing and we had to cut the shoot short, but before it got toooo bad, this is what we were able to capture–before we froze our tooshies off.***
My cousin, my best friend, my heart.  Amanda has been such a staple in my life.  She represents a whole new world for me because almost three years ago we met for the first time (on Myspace) and my world has never been the same!  I grew up (long story short) not even knowing that Amanda or the other 3 uncles, 1 aunt, grandmother and a variety of cousins and second cousins even existed–and upon meeting Amanda was introduced to all of them.  Hence, the new Latasha Eaddy Haynes vs. Latasha Evans Haynes.  Eaddy would have been my last name had my mom grown up with her family.  In honor of my family, I have chosen to pick up their name and drop the other.

Amanda is so strong.  She’s a fighter and loves God more than anything on this earth. Among many other things that define her, she is Christian first and mother second to Rashel and Aaliyah and most recently a homeowner–she closed on the Friday we were on the east coast. She has overcome so much and has fought to give her children the best natural and spiritual life she can.  They are so blessed to have a mother who loves them the way she does.  She is kind and genuine, thoughtful and smart.  Amanda is a incredible writer and is in the process of publishing her first book; a children’s story.  I couldn’t be more proud to know Amanda, let alone call her family… and its kind of cool that we look alike too!