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The Burris Family


I got to spend yesterday afternoon with one of the coolest families I have met this year: Lee, Kitty, Isaac and Zaria and they were AWESOME!

Time flew by so fast because we were laughin and cracking jokes so hard.  Kitty and I met at our church’s women conference this year called “Celebrate” (http://www.wendytreat.com/)  She was so nice and very pretty (as you can see in the pictures.)  Kitty caught wind that I did a little free-lance amateur stuff and on faith booked an appointment with me.  Without even having her own experience with the Haynes she referred someone else and I am doing another amazing photoshoot in just a few days for one of her friends.

Kitty is so genuine–she is a part of Victory Fit Club (facebook it), she is a active runner (makes me jealous), Lee is hilarious and seems to be the undercover family comedian. Isaac is the young man that every young girl is swooning over and Zaria is a cheerleader and a self-proclaimed daddy’s girl.

It was awesome to see their love for eachother and I’d have to say that Lee and Kitty are doing an incredible job with their kids.  They were so fun and hilarious to be around.


P.S.  Please check out how cool Lee’s shoes are??! Incredible.