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10 hopes for 20-10!


2009 has been a year for me….. a year, a year, a year.  You know how you can think back over your life and reflect on the years and remember what happened??  For example, in 2000 I graduated high school, got my first job, went to college and had my first exposure to creamy crack (relaxer), in 2002 I became best friend with TaNitra, one of the closest people to me died and I moved to a new place in a new city…. in 2003 I travelled Western Europe and got elected student body president of my college… skip ahead a bit, in 2007 I got married, one of my best friends got married and I finished my thesis………  in some of those experiences it was life before and life after.  In 2005, I met Isaiah and every moment after that was divided up into sections before him and sections after him.  After my trip to Europe my mind was open and my life was exposed to a new world I had never seen before or imagined I’d ever have access to, well this year was the same. One of those moments where life intersects and is never the same. 

I lost my grandmother this year (the only true mother I’ve ever known), moved three times, found a church home after being out of church for nearly the amount of time it would take to get a degree at a college (http://www.caseytreat.com/). I made incredible new friends and lost some friends who I thought would be with me through a lifetime.  I solidified some relationships and decided to let go of others. I met Fred Hammond, my favorite gospel singer after years and years of wanting to tell him how he effected my Christianity and I started pursuing my passion, which is a direct result of your reading.  God did a incredible work in me.  I had the lowest, darkest and lonliest moments of my life this year and have had some of the highest highs.  God quieted me this year.  We walked together and when I was too weak to walk, I ABSOLUTELY saw his lone set of footprints in the sand.  When I look back over this year I dont know whether to cry or to rejoice, but I do know that I can look ahead confident in who God has made me and the promises that are only mine. 

When thinking about 2010 I thought I would post all of my lessons for the year, but as I consider that idea and wrestled around with it, I realized that those lessons are for me and are better to be recorded in private…. but I wanted to do something to “write the vision down and make it plain” so I have decided to share my 10 hopes for the 20-10 (which I am sure when I am done will be a much longer list) with all of you and then as we go through the year, after reading this blog, you can celebrate with me as they come to pass.  I would encourage each of you to do the same… well, maybe not the exact same, but write down your hopes, goals and dreams for the next year and share them so that you might be held accountable and so that you might have a friend to rejoice with you when God makes it all come to pass…..

1.) I want to commit myself to healthy living.  Eating out less and cooking at least 2 full days of meals at least once a week.  Going to the gym 3x a week and getting my daily recommendation of fruits and veggies; or at least half (if you know me, you know Im not a cook and that this would be a victory).

2.) I want to spend 10 minutes a day praying in the Spirit to my amazing God.

3.) I want to read my bible everyday, but since I have failed at this the last 3x I have put it on my list, I want to at least read it every other day.  Real biblical scholars would shun me for this, but I gotta start somewhere, right??!

4.) I want to shoot my first wedding.  I want it to be a couple who I can commit to from engagement to day after wedding. I want to tell a story with them and capture every moment; from slip and garter to fairy tale exit.

5.) I want to sell a baby package and chronicle a woman’s journey of their child from pregnancy to 1st birthday! ( mom’s contact me by email if your interested: photomelatasha@gmail.com)

6.) I want to take 1 picture every single day.

7.) I want to build a website—well, I want someone else to build a website for me…. so if your a web designer or know a GOOD one please shoot me a email at the address above.

8.) I want to do a 6-12 month internship with a local photographer who would be willing to mentor me.

9.) I want to cook dinner for my mom once every other week.  I want her to feel special and loved, especially by me.

10.) I want to read one good book a month about anything that I want.

11.) I want to enter a photography contest and place.

12.) I want to do a monthly Girl’s Night Out with friends from all areas of my life.

13.) I want to make sure my husband, Isaiah, knows daily how much I love him and how thankful I am for his support and love of my dreams, but mostly his just loving me!