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I am gonna keep this post short and sweet because that’s what my heart is telling me… BUT before I end I must say that Sherae is one of the most incredible God woman that I have met in 2009, which is why I think it was fitting for God to bring her into my life the last day of the year to give me a example of commitment, intimacy and a true understanding of a relationship with God, a friendship with God… understanding that you are already the bride and princess of the ONLY partner who really matters–our Most High.  Sherae is so committed to knowing and respecting and honoring people through her faith.  It was wonderful spending a few moments with her.  Although the shoot didn’t quite go the way he both hoped and expected… I think we still got some really sweet moments….

Sherae is reading three books and although I haven’t read them, after doing some research for the shoot, I definitely plan too.  I have a feeling upon reading your life will never be the same. so check out:

“God Chicks”-Holly Wagner

“He Kissed the Girls and Made Them Cry”-Lisa Bevere

“His Princess Bride”-Sheri Rose Shepard

Happy New Year and all the best for 20-10! I know I’m excited!!!