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Matt & Seattle Christian School


Talk about feeling old… or mature or….

Today I had the opportunity to take pictures for a few students at Seattle Christian, one of those students being the brother of my 15-year old godson.  I have know both Matt and Josh since they were 1 and 3 years old.  I remember being a senior and in high school and Matt being 4 or 5 and pretending we were gonna get married one day…

I remember Josh at 9 or 10 years old picking me to be is god-parent and now these little boys who I love and cherish so much, who I babysat while their mom ran races and who would run to the door every time they heard I was coming over…. run to the door for other girls! 🙁

I realized today that I’m growing up because I realized today that they are grown ups!  Matt is a senior in high school this year, preparing for college and just 10 years ago, I was in his same position.  Its amazing how time flies!!  As I stalked him with my camera, I realized that I have become just as annoying as his parents (who really aren’t annoying, but when your 18 everyone is), at a time when I was once so cool… today I was the older sister/cousin with the BIG camera who he couldn’t wait to escape from.

Nevertheless, it was SO cool to see all the beautiful young women and the handsome young men prepare for their big night.  10 years! 10 years I was going to Homecoming, cheering at games, singing in the choir and inseparable from my best friends…. so long ago and aside from the choir and cheer skirt, not much has changed…. I’m still inseparable from my friends and instead of pom pons in my backpack I carry a Nikon… for moments like these… special moments that happen right before our eyes.

I am so proud of the young men that these two little boys have become. I love them so much!  Enjoy a sample of pictures from an awesome afternoon.