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The Burton’s


I met Artise & Clarise (twins) when I was 14-years old and a freshman at Lincoln High School.  We were all in choir and I was instantly drawn to Clarise.  We both went to different middle schools and had come into high school with what was suppose to be our permanent group of friends; but after just a few moments together we were kindred spirits.  Clarise is the Ethel to my Louise, the Beyonce to my Kelly, the Cagney to my Lacey, one of my dearest and closest friends.  Clarise has protected me from fights, heartbreak and comforted me in my loneliest and darkest moments.  Artise was the first boy to tell me I was beautiful, to buy me a Valentine’s Day card and to give me a flower.  He has been a huge part in showing me what I deserve as a women; and once we got past that ackward stage he became the big brother and the exceptional man this little girl always needed.  Its crazy to think that those once 14 and 15-year olds are now 27 and 28-year olds, one even with a junior of his own.  Wow, we are creating legacies!  Its incredible!  What a joy to be able to bring this family back together for their first CHRISTmas portrait in years!

and then a few of the next generation of Burton’s (or at least what I was able to steal when he wasn’t paying attention)…..