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The Groves

So… there is a photographer who I follow and who I get the joy of calling my mentor; Kacey Pearson, and when I am reading her blog–she often refers to her clients as “delicious.”  This is a word used to describe people that I never quite understood. I mean, of course I think my husband is delicious, and who wouldn’t??! But clients? Well, after this weekend, I got it!  The Groves are most definitely DELICIOUS!

I met Anna my second Sunday of church; she was in the welcome room and I decided to drag Isaiah with me to see what we could do to get planted in.  She was so sweet and so kind and very welcoming! That week I emailed her and asked if she had advice about how to get connected and what areas to serve.  It was then that she invited Isaiah and I to her small group called “CONNECT.”  A few days later, we realized we had a mutual friend and this same friend was talking about the other person to each of us without us knowing; is that confusing??!  Needless to say, this friend had wanted us to meet and was figuring out a way to orchestrate without realizing that we already had.

Anna and Rob have been instrumental in making us feel at home at Christian Faith Center (http://www.caseytreat.com/) and I was completely thrilled when she agreed to let me do pictures for her and her family.  My camera loved them and here are just a few, really just a few, pictures that I loved (and there are so many more).