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Ryan & Erin


I met Erin almost 4 years ago, when I started working for YouthBuild at Tacoma Goodwill and instantly LOVED her.  I would visit Erin almost everyday to get some candy out of her office, to gossip about work or just to chill and check in.  Erin’s husband served two tours for the US Army is one of my heros, for protecting me.

Erin is one of the kindest and sweetest people I know.  I dont often get to see her because she re-located, but thankfully only a few hours down I-5, so anytime I head south I make sure to give her a call.  She gave me a call because she does some freelance writing and marketing work and needed a strong headshot–I told her that not only would I love to do it, but would love to see her—see everytime I see Erin and Ryan, we go to Joe’s Crab Shack, they dont know it, but secretly its the only real reason I come! LOL

Anyway, we were heading south, we were hungry and we had our gear so we stopped, ate, shot pictures and dreamed about houses and mini vans of our futures together.  I so enjoy Ryan and Erin and so look forward to meeting the newest member in their family due in the fall!

A few of Erin’s headshots below, and a few images captured of one of my favorite couples below as well!