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just because my friends love me!


They came together for me and humored me as I dreamed up these awesome ideas for our website that were EPIC FAILS!  They were really great ideas; and I think I could have pulled them off—if I had enough time and manpower; I guess one of the reasons I chose to do this particular shoot in the absence of my hubby, who at the time was LIVING it up in Vegas with his boys.

Just because my friends love me they came to my house and let me shoot them in ackward clothes as they acted out poses that I had fantasized about and although I cant be absolutely sure any of those will make it on the world-wide-web; they did produce some pretty cool splash page images–visit http://www.photomelatasha.com/ the girls are the lovely Juliete: “website”  Alisha: “blog” and Raeshelle: “proofs”….

and just because they were really good sports totally went with it and didnt complain, we did a few impromptu photoshoots–and although these images dont fully represent the day, I feel they showcase my website girls so beautifully!

and because my Julzies is leaving me and our photoshoot days might be over…..