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for the first time in my life…..


I feel free. I feel no obligation. I feel genuine. I feel like Im living.  Everyone in my life is in it because they want to be and because I want them to be.  There are no expectations; its not conditional, its honest and real.

I am so thankful for heartache, broken relationships and even those who hurt me because there is so much growth and understanding that comes from it.

This last year of my life has been full of drama: family drama, friendship drama, life drama. I lost friendships I thought I would have forever. I let go of family that I have known forever; assumptions were made, accusations tossed. I lost my grandma; my hero.  I fought for my faith and my mind and my physical body and I came out VICTORIOUS and on top!

I have better friends because of it.  Stronger, real and transparent relationships.  Family ties are stronger: and those that didnt need to be are gone.  I have an amazing relationship with my husband and I so value life and a intimate relationship with God.  I understand it.  I know how to let go for the first time in my life.  I know how to humble myself and I know how to appreciate tender moments.

I am so thankful for storms and struggles…… I hate going through them; but I love what getting through them can do for you!  Can change your whole mindset/world/life.

Im better because of it all………….

so thankful.