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my Julzies


Ok so I wanted to take a minute to highlight a new and super dear friend of mine.  When I think about the last year of my life–Juliete has been a HUGE part of it.  Although our friendship unlikely, and probably SUPER annoying to most folks who see us daily, I can honestly say that she has been such a LIGHT in my life.

If I had to make a list of the “Top 10 most influential new friends in my life from the last year!” she would be in the top 5.  She truly means that much to me.

So why does Juliete get her own post you ask???!  Well, if I could think of any person to be the spokesperson for me; as a person or our business–I would pay Juliete to be just that!  She has been such an important part of our world as we have come into this photography thing.  She has modeled for us numerous times and has been such an encourager.  I have 1,000 of pictures of her on my external harddrive and she is absolutely gorgeous!  BUT more than that, she is humble, thoughtful, sweet and introspective.  She is fun, witty, enthusiastic, impulsive and a blast to be around—she’s like……….. me!

Juliete is leaving Washington in a few days and as strong and encouraging as I try to be, inside I am crying.  This is my friend, my new friend, who I haven’t had nearly enough time with, who brings so much to me, so much joy!  Our conversations are intimate and transparent.  I could tell her anything and I think she might feel the same way.  We laugh and we are so enduring when we are together—its just been so long since I have gotten to know someone new, okay well maybe that part isnt true, BUT seriously I want to be selfish and continue to build our friendship on a daily basis, ya know??

Anyway, Juliete is the BOMB and I want EVERYONE to know it.  She is this beautiful Israeli/Iraqi/Native-American firecracker who speaks Spanish, frequents Mexico and has little Mexican heritage dolls in her cubicle, I always joke that shes having an identity crisis for this reason, who brightens my world so much!  Just wanted to share about my new friend who NEVER tells me no, even when my ideas are CRAAAAAAZY, who waxes Taco Bell with me and totally makes me laugh and wore my high school cheer uniform  with pride for this wild idea I had:

                                        Julzies, I love you and will miss you soooooo much!