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Tim & Allison’s Wedding; Grand Tradition; San Diego, CA


OMG! I dont think I ever imagined being invited to a wedding like this let alone second shooting for one, but alas I was and it was one to remember.

Tim and Alison, total model couple, gorgeous, perfect and absolutely humble and sweet.  We started the afternoon early with Kacey doing Alison’s makeup; one of the many gifts shes been blessed with.  As soon as we got into the hotel room I could tell this wedding was going to be pretty fantastic.  As we walked in I saw bird cages, flowers, note cards and pictures; details I could tell were planned out. Alison was wearing this white sweat outfit embroidered with her new last name on it showing her “bride to be” status.  A clear sign of one who is incredibly excited to be entering union and cant wait to practice their new signature.

A little while later we headed to the wedding/reception location, decked out with one gigantic tent nestled in the middle of what looked to be a rainforest in the middle of South California.  It was gorgeous!!  Birds of paradise, palm trees, fountains and bridges and at one point I even saw a lizard run past.  I jumped of course! 🙂

Tim and Alison met through a friend; both in the greek system; they had a bridal party that would rival any Hollywood wedding; all incredibly gorgeous and mind blowing handsome.  Tim was the first of the brothers to get married so during the reception all of his friends lined up and sang to Alison.  One of the things I LOVED most about this couple is their spirit of prayer and dedication to God.  They made prayer a essential part of their day; praying almost before everything they did; with the bridesmaids once dressed; over the ceremony during first look and during eachother once pronounced husband and wife–completely touching for this Christian girl.

This wedding was amazing and every detail carefully thought; a gift the bride has natually.  Below are a few of the snippets this incredible union!

and my very most favorite picture of the day because it matches this couple so beautiful—during a prayer; this unidentified person laying hands on them from a distance.