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Austin and Shannon are getting married in the fall…………….


and they are going to be the most beautiful couple.

Does Shannon remind of you anyone, someone famous….. “Princess Diaries”?  or “Bride Wars”?  Thats all I could think of as we walked around shooting Shannon and Austin in what I think was downtown San Diego, and Shannon, physically reminiscent of Anne Hathaway was as sweet as I would imagine her being if I met her in person.  Completely humble, soft spoken, beautiful and such a precious laugh—and a fiancee who absolutely adores her.

They met in choir, at college—singing, like “Glee,” or maybe not like “Glee” but I wanted to imagine it like that.  Besides being singers–Shannon is also a writer and aspires to work in Nashville writing songs for artists there; she plays like a million different instruments and has quite the voice. I have a feeling that she wont be far from accomplishing that feat!

Austin admired her from afar before he took the plunge and asked her out; it was a slow courtship, very meticulous in planning–but the nice guys doesnt finish last and now he gets to have Shannon for life.

It was a gorgeous day in San Diego, besides the huge protest happening now by the ocean, it was tax day, and besides the fact that hundreds of folks inundated the pier; it was perfect weather, awesome light and a gorgeous couple!