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The Lynchs


Another dynamic experience in San D with Kacey.  The Lynchs are the coolest. I was so excited to meet them because Kacey spoke so highly of her relationship with them and all they meant to her non stop leading up to the shoot.  She talked about how beautiful Chandra was and how her husband was the picture pefect representation of Southern California, rockstar hair, skinny jeans and the classic black and white converse chuck taylor all stars and as they pulled up in their mini van I knew exactly what she meant.

4 beautiful girls that share incredible ancestry, african american, hawaiian and caucasian roots make for beautiful caramel skin, gorgeous ringlets, a few dimples and winning personalities.  Chandra, pregnant with what she thought was her first boy, after four girls—found out earlier in the day that indeed their blue bottle had just turned pink and that the doctor had made a mistake………………… so a few leggings, shoe changes and brushing of hairs later—lots of hairs (four girls for goodness sake) we found some cool space and went to work.  sidenote: each of the Lynch girls share a birthday with someone important in my life—-March 7th (my grandma) May 1st (me, of course), December 6th (one of my aunts) and July 15th (my friend Andrea from high school)

These four little girls are the sweetest, kindest, most respectful children I have met.  They were so conversational, so thoughtful and before they left all hugged me goodbye (seriously, the SWEETEST thing). 

After talking a bit, I realized that the Lynch’s are good friends with one of my childhood friends here in Tacoma, (Stephanie formally known as Annie, one of the twins)—like really really good friends…. like they flew to Washington to come stay and visit with them.  So, you know that that meant???? Naturally, we’re friend too now!  I so enjoyed my time with them and loved bringing home these cool pictures!

Kacey doing what she does, and so DOGGONE well…….