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the McGinty’s; San Dieeeeego, California


Like I need one more reason to love my mentor, Kacey, everytime I spend time with her there’s more.  A few reason why I love Kacey:
1.) She loves me
2.) She eats her fries and then throws a little ketchup from the package in her mouth.  Like the ketchup packages, she squeezes in her mouth #truth
3.) She loves candy, like me.
4.) She funny and joyful and a TOTAL geek and I love being around her
5.) she has a bubble butt and I do too!
6.) Shes a Christian and a strong one at that
7.) lastly, she so sees my potential and is completely and totally open to pouring into me which leads me tooooooooo the McGinty’s:  Kacey’s totally fun brother, sister and two sweet & shy or maybe not shy, just shy because a strange black woman was coming from one of the rooms in their house, nephews.

Kacey let me join her on a quick weekend trip to San Diego to learn learn learn from her some more.  During my time with her we did 2 family shoots, an engagement shoot and a incredibly fabolous wedding (all of which will be posted) but first the McGintys!

We flew in Thursday morning, met in San Diego, then drove to have lunch at a beautiful rooftop restaurant in Del Mar; which according to Kace is prime real estate because of the ritzy neighborhood and beautiful ocean view.  From the surroundings, I knew she wasnt lying.

We headed over to hang with Katie, her sweet sister and wife to her brother Jobey who co-pastors a dynamic church in San D called The Movement/www.themovement.org (sadly I wasnt able to attend because I flew out Saturday morning–but I will go one day).

As soon as I walked in I felt like I was among friends.  Katie was chilling in the living room with her friend and a gorgeous baby boy and instantly she and Kace fell into conversation.  I think we chatted for a good 15 minutes before I really had a chance to formally introduce myself.  Shortly thereafter we headed out to shoot Katie, the boys and Jobey who met us there in this fancy 1940s GANGSTA ride.

They are obviously a very beautiful family and some of the kindest folks I have ever met.  Opened there home up to me; shared their food, their lives, their candy and their Saturday Night Live episodes and skits with me as we stayed up into the night laughing about “Debbie Downer,” Will Ferrell and all the SNL greats….  most importantly Justin Bieber!! Duh! 

One more reason to love my Kace, the McGintys!

and a few of Kacey doing her thing………………………………………..