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First baby shoot: Phinley


Oh my goodness! The sweetest, most precious, beautiful baby with wisps of red hair coming through and a mom & dad who were absolutely smitten with her.

I met Phinley’s mom, Jessica at Cherish: our church’s annual fashion show, where are mutual friend brought her and she set at the table I hosted.  At the time she was pregnant and had not planned to have her baby photographed.  I was so excited when she agreed & let me and below are the end result of a amazing 3hr shoot.

Phinley mostly slept through the whole shoot, while we changed/moved/repositioned and dressed her.  We turned the heat up super high so she would be comfortable & needless to say I sweated through the whole shoot.

At one point during the day, she peed all over the floor and it was the most exciting thing to me ( just a interesting tidbit).  Although Im nervous to handle babies, I loved shooting her and working along my friend Cheryl Bidleman of Studio57images.   We got some awesome pictures and got to really get to know Jessica and Phillip.  I look forward to seeing Phinley grow and so enjoyed capturing her first memories.