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its our 100th post & its about Makynah & Malakai (and mommy too).


First let me start this post by saying, the Silverman family have been supportive of LHP since the beginning: being one of our first families to shoot–even before the mentor sessions and community college classes/hindsight I am so thankful that Katy contacted me again (with abundant faith) when looking to capture some milestone moments in her children’s life.

Katy has two amazing children Makynah (who just turned 5) and Malakai, who recently celebrated his first birthday.   This shoot was interesting 1.) it was the one of the hottest days of summer we have seen 2.) which means that in Washington, everyone is half naked and crowds beautiful parks 3.) which also means that Uncle Bob is going to be out getting a tan with his harry chest improperly exposed 4.) which also means that any balloons at a park filled with kids is a bad idea & cupcakes will melt if you wait til the end to watch your kids devour them 5.) with a mom with an amazing husband deployed in her last trimester of pregnancy makes for the most amazing shoot with lots of laughs/lots of sweat and lots of frosting on everyone!

So of course naturally I started with the oldest and most important, right?? Makynah/probably my favorite 5-year-old who needed NOT a photographer to pose her.  Below are all credit to Makynah… I did absolutely nothing but snap the picture; yeah pretty much she’s Naomi Campbell:

After I was done with Makynah I got a hold of Malakai and I am almost positive he was trying to play hide and seek with me!  Whenever I got remotely close to snapping a picture, like a road runner he would take off and was gone!  It was only after we paralyzed him by using this chair that I was victorious!

Katy among other things is a fantastic mother and a military wife.  Her husband has been gone the majority of her pregnancy and it just amazes me the woman she is daily for her children and him while he is gone serving all of us.  A few special moments of her:

Happy Birthday Makynah and Malakai & welcome to new baby Maveryck
this picture clearly demonstrates how long summer has taken in Washington/rain drops?? really?!