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The Hochalter’s


I met Tina almost a year ago/when we became Wordshop Woman & Sister.  Tina was at the table when I declared that I really wanted to be a photographer and along with the other 14 woman prayed fervently for favor and abudance and supported and encouraged me along the way.

Tina asked LHP to donate a photoshoot to Christian Faith School’s auction, and OBVI we were totally going to support our church and their mission of Christian education in the NW.  A few weeks later, I found out that Tina had won the session and we went to work on planning their shoot.

Tina wanted urban/so urban is def what we gave her.  On a beautiful Tuesday evening–we met at the Tacoma Dome and walked a 1 block radius to crazy green colored walls/grassy knolls and train tracks.

The Hochalter kids were the best!  Full of smile and laughter and seriously the best little models ever!  They killed the game.

Tina is sooo sweet and comes along with a fantastic family.  To date this is one of my very favorite family shoots!  I totally felt like I was hanging out the entire time!  Thank you Tina for believing in us and praying for favor!  We so appreciate your heart and spirit!

and one of my favorite pictures like ever