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Matt & Shylo are getting married!


and they chose us to capture all of it on digi-film.

I have known Shylo since I was young but shortly after high school graduation we lost touch and just reunited this year.

Shylo is one of the most caring, genuine, thoughtful, honest and loving people and I know and I was thrilled to not only hear that she was marrying someone who valued all of those amazing qualities in her–but wanted Isaiah and I to be there to capture it.

Shylo & Matt had two engagement sessions because one was rained out–but they were good sports and we captured some pretty fun stuff in the rain.  I have picked a few of my favorites to show on the blog–but just a few; since the lovebirds havent seen their images yet! speaking of birds/during their session i felt something funny on my leg/when i went to rub it and had trouble getting it off I asked for Shylo’s help and she informed me that it was bird poop, now not only on my pants leg but also all over my hand. *sigh*  Matt & Shylo love the outdoors/nature/the woods/the water………….. and after that shoot I questioned whether I did, with the poo on my wet thigh.

Shylo is from Washington & Matthew is from Florida— the sunshine state and the lack of sunshine state/their wedding theme is “you cant mix apples & oranges”  although they totally are going too and they plan to play up the apples & oranges theme!  I cannot wait!

I am so blessed to be able to be there to capture all of your special moments.  We are sooo excited and cannot wait!