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another Emerging Photog I admire…..


my sweet husband, Isaiah who I believe never gets as much credit as he deserves in this whole Latasha Haynes Photography thing….. SO this WHOLE post is dedicated to THIS man behind the camera.

Recently Isaiah got a chance to show his skills on a shoot that he set up that was 100% ran by him/shot by him and edited with his own flair.  Since he’s not much of a blogger and would not pour his soul out for you to enjoy–I will take the liberty of saying this.  When you book LHP not only do you get Latasha Haynes, but better than that Isaiah Haynes who carries all of the stuff/makes you laugh/holds your baby/fixes things that are out of place and who is really (outside of God) responsible for this whole thing.  It is because of him that I get to pursue this dream and make it a reality.

 Isaiah works so hard so that we can do this thing 100% (well, as much 100% as we can do with two full-times jobs).  He’s up late at night researching and constantly teaching me things that will help me improve.  When you book us you get two photogs who love this more than anything who want to give you everything you LOVE from two different points of view.

So check out his work below on this blog or send him a friend request on FB or stalk his flickr account!  Thanks for listening about my amazing man/life and business partner!  Im the Latasha/he’s the Haynes and together we make photography!

Flicker: http://www.flickr.com/photos/51020644@N04/

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/album.php?aid=227889&id=500571415

I asked Isaiah what happened to Latosha (his model’s) hair?  Why he didnt warn her: His response: “Im a guy!”  Good thing there are two of us! 🙂