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Pt. 2 featuring Jessica (& Olivia)


There is nothing to have a best friend to walk thru life with.  My best friend from high school is still one of my closest friends to this day.  As we celebrated our 10 year reunion this weekend, I had some time to reflect & as she gets me through life now, I have no idea how I would have made it through high school with her.  Everything that happened to me was always important to her and when it matter to know one else I ALWAYS knew she had my back.  Through the ups and downs over the years it feels good to have a friend for all seasons!  As I write this post, my best friend is celebrating her 29th birthday one of 15 birthdays we have had the joy of celebrating together soooooooooooooooo Happy Birthday Clarise!!!

So with that/this post is a follow up to yesterdays:  A blog about Olivia’s best friend Jessica: a one of the most beautiful ginger haired girls I have ever met/with a giggle that will make you smile and a face that is so overwhelmingly beautiful!  Enjoy pt. 2 of these beauties!

and the best friends: