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Morales Sneak Peek!


So typically I do my sneak peek’s on FB, which include 1-3 images of the event to get folks excited and inspired & then a follow up on the blog with a additional 5-7 images to tie them over until all of the post-processing is completed.  Might not be the best way to do things/but it works for me so its the way I like to/but I never really thought about what would happen if my client wasn’t on FB until today.

Isaiah and I had the complete honor of being able to spend a couple of hours with Vesta and JR on the 4th of July to capture a few special moments of their wedding day.

When Vesta originally called me, she had no intentions of having a photographer–but wedding planner, Dawnet Davis of A Piece of Cake Events, convinced her otherwised & she gave us a call.  Isaiah and I up to this point had only shot 2 weddings, so we were thankful when Vesta & JR were the first to kick off our summer wedding gigs (yes, its true/you can look forward to 4 more wedding posts this year/2 of which I am working on as we speak).

JR and Vesta are a beautiful couple/totally in love/totally connected and deeply committed to their family.  There wedding day was nothing short of that expression.  Another event where I completely lost it as after JR committed to his bride/he also committed to her children by presenting them with promise jewelry.

Their reception was also a blast/starting with dancing and food & ending with fireworks down on Ruston Way.

JR and Vesta are two of the kindest pair I have met this year and I am so thankful that they called us instead of going without.

Here are very FEW images of their day/presented as a sneak peek:

They were also our first wedding to take advantage of our “PhotoME Fun Booth, a nice distraction for the guests as I finished up formals/Isaiah totally rocked it. (P.S. I love him).
side note: blogger is acting crazy and wont let me extra large any of my prints/BANANAS!