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I like to call him IV

Disclaimer: still working on the placement of this new logo/designed by the amazingly talented, Sigurd G.  He is soooo bomb!  So bare with me! 🙂  Thank you!
I like to call him IV (four).  Okay not really, but he’s the fourth in a long line of Robert’s in the Anderson family & is most definitely one of my most favoritist (yeh, i said it) babies I know.  Why, you say??  Look at him??  How can you 1.) deny that face?? 2.) deny those sweet little glasses that make him look like a total mini-me & 3.) he loves to snuggle.
Isaiah and I, as we were driving back down I-95 from NYC, stopped in a little town called Fredricksburg last week to visit two of our very dear friends.  Not only did we get to visit out friend, but IV anddddd baby A & baby B–because my friend Sherise is pregnant with twin boys right now! (cannot wait to do that family picture next year).
This sweet boy belongs to two of our dearest friends who have been so incredibly supportive of Isaiah & I and our love & life & dreams & passions for the last 5 years.  They were with us on before our wedding/on our wedding day & I imagine we will one day (when Isaiah and I decide to FINALLY take the leap, raise our children together).  I trust them with us/our heart and our goals and dreams & know that they prayerfully want the best for us.
This is IV. Last time I met him/he couldnt hold himself up he was so new—only 3 months old—last weekend he was 20 months old & in these 3 minutes of his new found friendship with my Nikon–we made magic!