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Solomon+Jaci+belly=baby Jazzy!!!


Who is on her way!

I met Jaci thru, well no one, but she had heard of me because we have had the honor of photographing many people that we both mutually know and love.

Jaci was so amazing the morning we met for coffee and totally excited and up for Isaiah & I following her baby girl’s first year of life (so excited/she was our first person to purchase a baby package).

She absolutely gorgeous, as you can totally see, she loves Jesus and she’s more than thrilled to be shooting with us and up for any and everything.

After a few weeks of looking around and seeing what other folks were doing we decided to start our shoot at a local store, well, Wal-Mart.  We knew we could probably get away with shooting in Wal-Mart without anyone really noticing simply because of the pure massiveness of the location.

Not that I would ever pretend to be even a ounce as good as Kacey Luvi, this shoot was definitely inspired and attempted with her in mind.  She did a awesome pregnancy shoot which you can find on her blog: www.kaceyluvi.com/blog where she totally executed this idea perfectly—but it was a nice fun way to start our day (running from Wal-Mart security ;)).

Jaci & Solomon have chosen two amazingly dynamic god parents for their baby J & really wanted them to be a part of their maternity shoot.  They wanted to make sure that baby J knew that she was thought of not only by them but by their god parents before she was even born.  Halfway during the shoot, Kabi her godmother sung to her through a microphone—I totally broke down.  It was such a precious tender moment.  Jaci later shared with me that the song that Kabi sung was the song she was singing the day that baby J kicked for the first time.  I was so touched.

I am so excited to meet Jazzy and feel so honored to be able to watch her grown into a beautiful little girl. 

Thank you Solomon & Jaci for picking us to share this wonderful time in your life with/we cant wait to share the rest of the awesome images with you!

Final note: Kabi Gishuru actually has a album out called “Kabi Patricia/Dear Past the EP” & I spend hrs editing to it. Its so beautiful/soulful & relaxing.  If I could convince everyone I knew to pick it up I would: but you can pick up your very own copy off of itunes.   You can also follow her on twitter: @kabipatricia.


baby J’s amazingly talented god parents are below:
all the amazing hands that are going to be involved with raising this child:
our quest took us to downtown Renton’s very own “Common Ground Coffee & Cupcake” shop located at 900 South 3rd Street/where at the end of the shoot we all celebrated with a reward:  I think this was mostly for the photographer’s cravings & less Jaci’s.
this picture was Jaci’s idea & a cute one at that!