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The HAMMELS are in the house!


One of the hardest things about being a photographer (ooh i like saying that) is this bloggy thing:

1.) its a blog and its work

2.) i dont want to sound repetitive BUT i really do love everyone this camera lays eyes on
3.) you have to pick images that tell the story that are a good mix of the best and the best-er! yeah the best-er/its a word–so that when your client has seen their sneak peek on the social networking site && then your blog they still have some fun un-posted images to look forward tooooooo WELL this was so hard for me for the Hammel’s because there are SO many good ones I couldnt decide which ones to show and which ones to save &&& there are a lot!!  So Steph & Erik get ready!

I love this family.  They mean a lot to me MAINLY because I have literally known Stephanie my whole life/in fact a year before my life even began.  We grew up in the same church until we were teens and saw eachother practically 3x a week.  Stephanie is a major part of my childhood memories–youth group/her horses/church camp and this sweet little silver station wagon her parents would carry us around in.  In high school, we cheered at the same time and our high school’s played eachother which was incredible for us.  In every season of my life, Stephanie and her twin, Nora, show up.  Stephanie was the first person after Isaiah who I shared my dream of bring a photographer with.  It was she who connected me to my mentor Kacey Luvi, out of Scottsdale, AZ.  Stephanie wanted this for me from the beginning && I will always be soo thankful.

Being able to still after 27 years have a relationship with Stephanie and now her sweet family, Erik+Chloe+Ethan, is such a reward for me.  I love Erik & Stephanie when they laugh/the images below completely capture their energy/their joy & their personalities.  None of this is rehearsed, well, maybe one image or so! 🙂

I look forward to the days when Isaiah and I can bring our little family into the mix.

Here are a very few of some really amazing images: some couple not so great in quality: some because of the time of day and the movement/but still images that make me happy upon looking!


ethan totally took this picture of chloe…. photog in the making….
this picture completely cracked me up.. I announced everyone look at me… ethan turns around.