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These GIRLS take RISKSSSSSS! Pt 2: Brianne Chavis


These girls: Destinee Mirage & Brianne Chavis
Take risks: oil based graffiti paint on their bodies??!
Solution: olive oil mayonnaise

I had this idea of spray painting a girl and shooting in the famous Tacoma garages after doing our Trash teh Dress session with Lifework Images.

When my best friend Clarise was spraying my dress/she got paint on my skin…… first I was worried/then when I got in the shower the spray paint totally came off.

so I called up my sweet Destinee and asked her if she would be down for the idea/as always she’s totally down WHICH is one of many reasons why I love her: told Isaiah and as always he looked at me crazy BUT totally said “let’s go!” THEN Brianne came on the scene &&& this girl is sooo sweet/super talented and incredibly beautiful and saucy!

Brianne is responsible for this incredibly fun make-up and of course killing the game with the pose!  We had such a good time and I am so honored to be able to create magic with such beautiful people!

These girls take RISKSSSSSSS.  Check out the BTS (behind-the-scenes) video a few posts down!!