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Baby Mavryck


Babies are my kryptonite i decided.  no matter how hard i try i just cant seem to master a baby shoot. whether its lighting, composition, clarity focus I BLOW it almost every time && to top it all off, they almost always pee or poop on me…. ok well, maybe not on me but on someone.

They scare me. They are so tiny and so little.  They make me sweat.  Im scared to hold them & Im always nervous that Im not going to get it right.

One of my most supportive new friends called me the day after she had this sweet baby and asked me to come to the hospital that night to take a few pictures. In spite of my insecurity, all i could think about was how she thought i could do it and how “i must go” even though i know this is my challenge.  see, babies do what they want.  there’s no adjust here, smile, laugh, move…. they just do what they want…. and that makes me uncomfortable.

anyway, ill continue to try because thats what we do… we go go go until we get it right & hopefully these few sneaks will be enough to make Katy & Josh continue to love us!

P.S. I totally held the baby and he was the sweetest thing ALTHOUGH it scared me every second.