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meet me in Times Square at 6 for dinner!


We can go to Junior’s and have cheesecake!

Nothing says friend like driving from Philadelphia to New York to meet your friends for dinner & although Marieke is most definitely my friend/I also consider her family.

the cousin of my godson, I’ve known Marieke for many years.  I remember meeting her when I was in high school and she was in elementary school in her awkward kid stage & I look at her now and there is absolutely nothing awkward about her.

she is strikingly gorgeous with a look reminiscent of a old time.  Im inspired by just watching her… not in a stalkerish weird kind of way/but in a “uniquely-inspirational-classic-beauty-that-makes-me-want-to-follow- her-with-my-camera” kinda of way.  Marieke reminds me of another time and place & I love that she owns it.

Like a good friend, Marieke wandered the streets of NY making her way to Time Square for what she thought would be dinner BUT turned into two young kids in love LOVING Times Square, and have you ever walked anywhere with a photographer who is completely enamored by a place??  1 block takes nearly 30 minutes, which means a NY block…  well, she had no chance.

We hung out in Times Square and people watched and I decided to snap some pics of M.  Hindsight, I wish I would have taken more ownership over my camera, my passion and my model.  What a awesome opportunity to only get the following images/but I was too scared.  Too intimidated by the sea of Nikon D700 and D3s & Canon 5Ds and 5D M II’s.  It seemed every where I looked someone was carrying a profesh grade cam with a gold or red ring around the lens and all I could is look at my D90 and deflate.

Needless to say, next time Im in Times Square w/M it is so totally on!

While in time Square I met two new friends out of Utah, who I plan to go and visit very soon:  1.) Tara Winsor of Winsor Photography www.winsorphotography.com & Stacy of Three Winks Studio: www.threewinksstudio.com, out of Utah as well. They were traveling the east coast doing weddings and e-sessions and Isaiah and I decided to say hello. Both Tara and Stacy are phenomenal photographers and I look forward to getting to know them better.

Anyway, enjoy my friend Marieke!!!!!