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The Thomas’s


Angela, after getting a referral and checking us out on Facebook, booked her own family portait sesh with LHP and for me was one of our most interesting and challenging shoots to date.  Why you ask??

Angela has a absolutely gorgeous son with the most beautiful chocolate skin who was doing EVERYTHING he could to avoid the camera.  I seriously was so challenged.  I tried to offer candy/soda/chips and then I pulled some skills from my college psychology class “pretend-i-dont-care-and-keep-going”=EPIC FAIL.

So basically, beautiful brown skinned boy (1) + Latasha (0).

BUT the twist/a two hours package scheduled with another day planned in/so the second shoot not so difficult!!

Angela is so beautiful.  So humble.  So kind and thoughtful and exceptionally encouraging.  She loves her family. She loves her man and loves her Nunu, her son whom she has nicknamed.  As a family they are completely comfortable.  Always smiling, laughing, hugging and snuggling (when i wrote that I wrote hunggling…. like a mix of snuggling and hugging), I am so glad we got to capture them just being.

I was honored to be able to capture a few candid moments for them and look forward to more special times in the future.

Angela, thank you so much for allowing us to capture your family!


 Yeah, pretty much it was this hard….
this sweet boy’s father had returned from serving in the military just one week prior… so lots of special moments.
could you not smoosh this face?? he’s seriously the cutest thing!