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Brooklyn Stand UP! Miss Chetoya!

Chetoya was the first of 4 photoshoots Isaiah and I had the honor of booking on our east coast road trip several weeks ago.
When Chetoya first called us I was thrilled that she wanted to shoot because she’s absolutely gorgeous and because it was Brooklyn and I couldnt even begin to think or imagine the type of playground that would be available to us.
This shoot was amazing for three reasons:
1.) her skin: its absolutely flawless and the camera absolutely loves her!  (Yes, my Nikon D90 loveessss her and the whole time I was shooting her: I kep thinking, Im gonna rock this shoot/this is going to be the beginning of something new!  If J* can rock a Canon 20D for two years I can maximize this D90 starting NOW.)
2.) Chetoya represents every part of my vision as a artist.  Taking something/someone so absolutely gorgeous and placing them in a location/surrounding/foreground of something so ugly/so gritty/so normal/so raw.  I love the beauty of someone against the harsh realities of life: theres just something about it that doesnt make sense, but completely makes sense to me.  I like to call it urban glam!
3.) she showed up.  I got say I was totally nervous that none of our shoots would come. I mean, who are we and who do we think we are trying to book in another city, and New York even??!  But she came and she rocked it.
Chetoya is a absolute beauty.  She’s jaw dropping gorgeous and has the kind of looks that will stop traffic/but better than that is how kind and sweet and encouraging she is.  I loved her as a person & that made her 1000x more beautiful!
Chetoya, thank you for trusting your sister to allow us to get to know you/to photograph you and to totally fall in love with you.  I seriously could have posted your entire shoot/BUT below is a small sampling of what you have to look foward too!  Thank you for everything & congrats on Bryant Park and NY Fashion Week 2010!
L & I