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the Davis family

Technically I have known Dawnet for quite some time, we went to middle school together before she quickly transferred out of Stewart after our sixth grade year, almost as though she was never there in the first place.  The few memories I can conjure up about Dawnet pretty much come to these three things: (keep in mind I was in 6th grade and pretty insecure)
1.) “wow, she’s really pretty”-yes, yes, she has been beautiful since the 6th grades, its so crazy right!
2.) “wow, she’s really quiet, why doesnt she ever speak to anyone?”
3.) “since she’s so quiet she must be stuck up… I dont like her.”
and that was pretty much it.
Terele went to high school with me and being that he was 1 year my senior and hung in a totally different crowd/our interactions were limited to the simple passing by and reflections of “oh yeah, i think i know that kid” type of references.
Little did I know that 13 years later for Dawnet and I and nearly 10 years later for Terele, that not only we’d be face to face, but business colleagues and friends!
Dawnet runs a event planning company titled “A Piece of Cake Events (http://www.apieceofcakeweddingandevents.com/) and does she ever planning a wedding/party/event truly a “piece of cake.”  I was reconnected with Dawnet after all these years, shortly after we both booked one of our first brides of the year.  Dawnet was looking for a photog to partner up with and the bride mentioned my name.  When Dawnet called me & I heard her name/I quickly put the pieces together.  It was so cool connecting with and seeing the grown up 6th grader that I had once known.  She looked the same…  I didnt (LOL) and we both were doing quite well for ourselves. 
When it came time for Isaiah and I to launch our business, Dawnet dreamed up a spectacular event for us and MORE than delivered/it was one of the best nights of our lives! (so far, of course).
Needless to say, when she mentioned she needed family pictures I was right there!
Now Dawnet isnt a huge fan of the camera and neither are her kids/but im sure for much different reason.  Dawnet’s children, full of energy, lasted a good like 2.5 minutes before Isaiah had to take over and save me!  He ran with them and played with them and got some pretty good stuff of the day!
Dawnet, thank you for everything that you are both to me and the clients you serve.  Your attention to detail is impeccable/you plan a event like no other and your love for what you do complete radiates.  So thankful for our new found friendship!