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Kayla: A Christian Faith Schools High School Senior


What can I say about Kayla except that she is absolutely stunning and such a joy to shoot for our first senior session of the season!

Kayla contacted me shortly after I met her sister, Danika at a friend’s birthday party (who I also had the opportunity to shoot  and is sooo scrumptious & who’s very own post is on the way) and completely trusted me to do her senior pictures.

After going back and forth discussing outfits and locations/Kayla and I both blindly trusted the other and came together on a sunny afternoon in Downtown Tacoma.

Having never met Kayla, I was not too sure what to expect.  Would she like me??!  Would I do a good job?  Would she be fun to shoot?  Am I even cut out for senior pictures??  Well, let me tell you Kayla nailed it.  Honey was fierce and brought on the poses instantly.  She was so natural in front of the camera and required little direction.  Besides being a fashionista (hello “Gossip Girl?”) she looked like she walked directly out of the pages of H&M!

I had such a blast hanging with Kayla and getting to know her.  She completely gorgeous/totally sweet and had loads of personality.

Kayla-thank you so much for trusting me & believing in me and allowing me to help you chronicle this very special time in your life! Congrats senior!!  Im so looking forward to watching you “live it up” this year!!!

Below a smaaaaalllll sampling of what feels like a million pictures!