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The Mowers


Oh my gosh/you had me at hello??!  I fell in love with Brenda through email.  She was so warm and so nice and so sweet and so awesome!

She was so complimentary and her warmth came through my screen and literally slapped me!  I mean it slapped me.  From the moment she contacted me I felt like I knew her and that we were friends and that she was someone I had to photograph and that anything she wanted I would make happen–so when we finally nailed down a date I couldnt wait to meet her and hug her and tell her how much I already liked her. (I know stalkerish right?)

Brenda had mentioned that she and her husband had been in the ministry at one point in their life and that their hearts were still there & this idea of shooting at a church with their guitars; another one of the loves they shared.  Brenda’s friends gifted her with this beautiful guitar that she cherish and wanted to spend some time capturing some images with it.

They were so cute when they got out of the car/totally coordinated with not 1 guitar but 3 guitars/one for every member of the family/except their super cute dog: who plays a very special role in their life.

While I thought Brenda was extraordinary: the one who stole my heart was their sweet 5-year-old daughter Rachel who I instantly bonded with and whom held my hand most of the shoot.  Rachel had just turned 5 and got her very own iPod Touch: this kid is sooo cool!

The Mowers were a joy to share the afternoon with and I am thankful for the new friendship that has developed!!  Thank you so much for allowing Isaiah and I into your lives!