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The 4.5 Stroms!


Brian and Lynae Strom are amazing individuals with 2.5 amazing kids.  2.5 you say?? What is Latasha talking about??!  Well, Lynae is pregnant & although at the time that bun was still cooking/last week Lynae gave birth to a beautiful baby boy.

I stressed and stressed and stressed about this shoot.  I kept hoping Lynae would cancel or that maybe she would be too tired or maybe even that the baby would come and that I wouldnt be able to shoot her.  I was so intimidated and nervous and scared and all of those things that you become when you shoot the sibling of one of your favorite photographers, YEAH I SAID IT.  Lynae is the sister of one of my most favorite photographers in the world/so what in the world was I doing shooting her, right??!  That’s exactly what I kept asking myself as I tried to keep it cool and pretend that I wasn’t about to totally poop my pants.

No location was good enough.  No pose posey enough. No light amazing enough fo rme to capture them in a way that I felt wouldnt be completely embarrassing but in all of my nervousness and fear: Lynae was the total peace that I needed.  She reminded me that today in that moment I was the photographer she wanted and that she wanted me to be me and do my thing.

I loved getting to know the Stroms.  I know of them and have heard how amazing they are for the last year but getting to spend time with them was better than I could imagine.  Lynae is as genuine and kind as I had heard: a total nurturer and an amazing support.  Her husband Brian, the quiet wisdom but totally hilarious and down for whatever and those sweet kids/so beautiful and and completely infectious.  They were the sweetest things and my camera adore their adorably delicious faces.

I am so thankful for Lynae & LaRae: those Massey sisters are wonderful and I am so happy that I had a chance to help you make memories!

Brian & Lynae: thank you so much for your patience and total grace towards I and Isaiah (and Tarin) while shooting you!  You were the last of 5 photoshoots in one day and one of the chillest/funnest and bestest that I have done.  We really enjoyed our time with you and watching the beautiful August sunset over Alki Beach.

Congratulations on a beautiful new addition to your already sweet family!!  All of our best!