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The Moevas


I looooooooooooooove the Moevas.  I love their personalities. I love the way they love eachother and I love just their love.  Weird right??!  Who loves love right??!  But I do.  I love the way they genuinely care for and love eachother.

Earlier this year, when I was just starting out (which Im still just starting out) I had the opportunity to go and shoot a wedding with my mentor down in San Diego but couldnt really afford the flight down that would make that trip a reality.

Heather, who works for the airline gifted me with the ticket so that I could have the opportunity to be trained and shoot a wedding.  C’mon what a friend, right??!  What a proclamation of believe and support!  So in return I gladly offered up a family session to them to say “thank you!”

Shane and Heather are also very special to Isaiah and I because they are in a CONNECT group with us; our churches spin on home small groups.  Our CONNECT is full of young couples supporting/encouraging and lifting eachother up.  Heather and Shane have been a great source of strength, prayer warriors on our behalf and confidants for us.

We loved spending time with them on that beautiful late August afternoon at Golden Gardens in Seattle & enjoyed spending time with their sweet daughter too. Shane and Heather are currently expecting their second child, due next month and I can’t wait to get my camera on that sweet baby!

Heather-thank you for believing in me before I even could & doing it with the simple gesture of the gift of the opportunity!

I am so thankful for you!  Enjoy your sneaky peakies!