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Not that I was the right person to do this shoot in any way at all, but a great way to stretch myself and do something new.

Dominique was our 1000th fan on Facebook back in May & I wanted to figure out a way to commemorate it–so in honor of our 1000th fan, Isaiah and I gave away a free mini-session.

Dominique is an incredible dancer and wanted the opportunity to get some pictures of what he does best with his dancing partner, so below, my attempt!!

Dominique chose the famous Stadium High School for his pictures because that’s where he graduated from & started his dance group.  Yes, Stadium is in Tacoma & not Seattle as often perpetrated.
Dom is one of my favorite people to watch dance, the above pictures are many reasons why.  He just glides through the air.
Dom recently had a baby boy that he brought with him on the shoot!  He slept the ENTIRE time but Dom decided to wake him for a few fun pics.
Congrats Dom!!  Thanks for your support!!!