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Peter + Shayla are married!: Sneak Peek

Isaiah and I got the opportunity to be a part of a very special wedding later in the summer, the traditional Vietnamese wedding of the now Peter & Shayla.  It was a gorgeous wedding full of traditions, vibrant colors (my favorite) and one of the kindest bride and groom that I have had the honor of being around.
Peter and Shayla were married in a traditional ceremony with only family and very close friends, before the alter of their ancestors.  During the ceremony Peter and Shayla wore traditional Vietnamese wedding clothes that they had made specifically for this day back in Vietnam.  Shayla was beautiful in the bold red, Peter handsome in royal blue.
In Vietnamese culture, red Ao Dai (wedding clothes) on women signify marriage, while pink could also work and the men or groom wear blue.  In the Vietnamese culture, it isnt unusual for the couple to change 3-4 times over the course of the wedding day, and Shayla was no different, carrying around 4 dresses over the course of the day!
the bride and groom must receive gifts together…..
I loved that Isaiah and I got to eat with the bride and groom. Traditionally, I would never take or post eating pictures, but I loved the intimate time that Isaiah and I got to spend with the bride and groom.  It made everything so relaxed and enjoyable!  This is also where I drink the bird saliva: a delicacy, given to royalty in Vietnam, that also promotes great skin.  (**as i write this blog i am struggling with a allergic reaction that is in the temporary destroying my skin, what i wouldn’t do for a little bird saliva now.)
A few intimate moments together at the Kubota Gardens before the torrential downpour…
A picture of the ladies in their new clothes for the reception
A quick unplanned first look of the bride and groom in their traditional American wedding clothing:
It is customary for the bridal party to greet every guest at the door before entering the reception.  While greeting the guest, the bride and groom takes a picture with each guest before they start the reception.
Congratulations Peter & Shayla!  Isaiah and I wish you the VERY best!!