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The Atterberry Family


I love this family.  The joy the exude is infectious and every time Im around them I feel my heart fill up as I’m rolling over in tears!

This was probably one of my favorite photo shoots because Felicia is soo fun and her husband and kids absolutely love and adore her.

Felicia and I have been coordinating since March to make pictures work & its NOT worked until now, September, or then, which was September.  The day was finiky as Washington weather often is, so we played phone tag all day trying to determine whether the weather would actually let us move forward with our plan.

We decided to keep it simple and shoot in their neighborhood/out in front of their house and then down the street at a little park.  Although the surrounding simple, there was and is nothing simple about this family.

Felicia is a breast cancer survivor something that I am so thankful for.  Her quiet strength and bold personality make for a person that must be in this world for as long as God allows & she and her very kind husband are celebrating 20 strong years of marriage–something that I and Isaiah aspire too and more.

Felicia-thank you for booking with us and allowing us to spend a quiet Sunday evening with you!  Thank you for letting us hang on your couch and feeding us after a long day.  You have such a servant heart!

We love you!

Happy Anniversary Mr & Mrs Atterberry!